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Courage to be Healthy

In today’s modern society you must have “Courage to be Healthy.”

Our environment is saturated with things that are detrimental to your health.

The massive increase in detrimental things and the rates of virtually every disease or health condition corresponds quite nicely.

Things that we as humans never had to worry about just a couple hundred years ago are now causing disease and death.


Elmo has it right!

The scary part is the things we didn’t have to worry about in the past are the foundation to health and vitality.

Things like the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and sleep we lose due to the invention of lighting.

This is why it takes Courage to be Healthy.

When a large majority of people are being educated about the quality and safety of the food they eat, the air they breathe, and the drinks they drink by the companies that stand to make a profit from said products, being healthy is increasingly difficult.

Couple that with what people consider the norm and/or tradition and you have a subject that is more rooted than religion or politics.

It takes courage to go against what is considered the norm.

You Are Not Alone!

There is a movement and it is growing everyday. If you have heard of things like paleo, vegan, farmer’s markets, or organic you have heard about this movement.

This is happening because…

people are tired of being overweight and unhealthy.

people are tired of being put on medication after medication.

people are tired of their family members getting sick and dying.

people are just plain tired.

These same people are finding that when they change their lifestyle and the quality of food they consume…

they are losing weight and becoming healthy.

they are getting off medication they were told they would be on for life.

they are helping to heal family and loved ones.

they have more energy than when the were in high school.

Navigating the current environment can be difficult and many of us don’t have the time or energy to do it.

That is why we need more educated coaches to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

If you wanted to learn about something you would want to learn from the most educated person on the subject matter that you could find. That person will not only be educated but probably live what they preach. An expert in golfing probably spend a lot of time golfing. An expert chef probably spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

In regards to a health coach. You want someone with skin in the game and is dedicated to not only educating others about healthy living but lives healthy themselves.

This chick makes her own deodorant!

Nourishing Mama

Emily Morgan – Nourishing Mama

You want to test your courage.

The next time the opportunity allows it mention that you make your own deodorant and see how that flies.

I met Emily at a course about health coaching called Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level One in Chicago. It is an education path that attracts the healthiest of the healthy. The coaches that not only educate their clients but show their clients by “walking the talk.” 

I will never forget we were on a lunch break and somehow the discussion turned toward Emily making her own shampoo. After hearing that comment one of the girls at the table made the comment jokingly about Emily making her own deodorant. We all started to laugh but then she responded that she did! I can’t remember everything she said but I know she made her own shampoo, deodorant, and homemade bread. She also raised chickens.

Now you might not have to make your own deodorant or raise your own chickens to be healthy but my guess is that you don’t even know why you would want to (hint: saving money is only part of the reason).

Emily plans to attend the next level of training, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2, in December 2014 and is trying to raise enough funds to make the trip. This next level is about the best ways to educate client on healthy living.

Not many people are as invested in helping others live healthy lives as Emily.

Click Here to support Emily in her education journey… every little bit helps.

You can follow Emily on FaceBook  by clicking Here – Nourishing Mama 

If you are trying to be healthy today just know that you will be met with a lot of resistance.

That resistance may make you rethink your healthy actions.

Don’t let it! Choose health and vitality over just being normal.


Just Show Up!

You want to lose weight or get into shape.

You go out of your way to find a gym or personal trainer, pay good money to workout, and begin your training.


Why would you not show up?

If you take one thing from this article please understand that you MUST show up!

This may seem like common sense.

“Obviously I need to workout so I can burn calories,” you might be thinking.


Don’t get me wrong exercise can be very beneficial for many reasons, but when it comes down to it the act of “working out” might not be the most important feature of showing up.

“Showing up is half the battle!”

If you don’t show up that tells me (and should tell you as well) that your health and wellness is not a priority.

“No but I really care about my health and wellness but … (fill in the blank).”

If you are letting other areas of your life become more important like work, family duties, etc. then the chances are those same things that keep you from “working out” will keep you from eating right, getting enough sleep, and doing everything else that is aligned with your goals.

You are doing yourself and everyone you deal with a disservice by not putting your health and wellness first.

It is the action that is in line with you goals done consistently over time that will result in your goal achievement. Don’t let missing just one workout be the beginning of a laundry list of things related to you health and wellness that take a back seat to other areas of your life.

and remember…


Buddy F*ck^r

Warning this post contains the use of profanity – reader discretion is advised!

In the Marine Corps you learn a whole new language.


Fig 1

A language full of acronyms, curse words, and different types of grunting sounds.
But there is one that is especially relevant to weight loss and getting healthy.You also learn a whole list of ways to identify people whose performance is not up to par (see fig 1).

You see in the Military everyone pays for the person that messes up.  So if the platoon is supposed to stand at attention and not move and one person moves the entire platoon gets punished (pushups, less time, more games, etc.).

The term for this “one” special individual is “Buddy Fucker”.

How does this relate to weight loss and health?

Well if you have ever tried to lose weight or get healthy you already know.

When you start a new weight loss/health plan the people around you will usually have one of two reactions. They will either 1) laugh/joke that they need to lose a few pounds as well or 2) they will give supportive encouragement.

You might be surprised but at this point the “Buddy Fucker” hasn’t arrived.

Enter the Buddy Fucker….

The Buddy Fucker arrives when you start seeing results and start to change your life.

Your success makes them uncomfortable and the once supportive encouragement becomes a subconscious barrage of negativity.

They offer food they know is unhealthy and give you a guilt trip about how one piece or one slice isn’t going to hurt.

They make you feel bad about working out and say things like “all you ever do now days is work out”.

They begin to treat you like an outsider someone that is “different” or “better” than everyone else.

When your body begins to change they say things like “I don’t think you need to lose any more weight” when in reality you still have plenty of weight to lose and still be healthy.

The worse part of all is that most of the time these Buddy Fuckers are the people that are the closest to you.

People like your family, your best friends, and your closest co-workers.

People whose thoughts and feelings can really affect how you act and feel.

This can be the difference between getting results and obtaining the body and life you want or continuing to live the life of comfort but unhappiness.

Sometimes drastic measures must be taken to achieve your goals, things that might seem a bit excessive like finding new friends, a new job, or a new spouse.

Some might think this is a little over the top but if someone is stopping you from becoming the best possible version of yourself do you really want them around you? Are they really your friend?

This article wasn’t written for the person trying to lose weight but some might identify with the message.

This article was written for the friends, family, and co-workers that have people around them that are trying to become better people. Try to step back and look at the big picture. Either grow stronger with them or get out of the way and show them as much positive encouragement as you can and please whatever you “DON’T BE A BUDDY FUCKER!”

Buddy Fucker

We called it “Bravo Foxtrot”